Sunday, 12 October 2008

Stash Sunday #2 - Pandas

For now, this Stash Sunday isn't a quick post! It involves digging through boxes, playing with the fabrics I find, ironing and photographing my selection, then putting it all back where it belongs!

In my blog reading today I came across this on Lisa Walton's Blog which seems appropriate for Stash Sunday!

Today I've chosen my panda fabric selection. I also have a stash of matching bamboo prints! The top grid has my favourites in it. I've also got a bit more on the way, with the intention of offering to make Adelaide Zoo a panda quilt to raise funds for their impending arrivals.


lanalarn said...

Just love these - I too had a collection of panda fabric and a panda pattern

katelnorth said...

wow! my DS is crazy about pandas, so I have 2 or maybe three of those prints, but you have masses. very cool.

The Humming Cat said...

Great timing, I was just asking Cass the other day if Dyed and Gone to Heaven was located in Vic, and I see that they have an online shop only. Still, might place an order, I have been eyeing off a few kits.

Love the Pandas too. I have some bamboo fabric here somewhere.