Saturday, 25 October 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday James!

Today James turned 3! It doesn't seem that long since his last birthday! We're saving his party, a picnic in a park, for when Simon's parents get back from their holiday in New Zealand, so today was fairly quiet. This morning we gave him a Thomas the Tank Engine (or, as he usually says, Thomas the Tankation - got that on video this morning, too!) duplo set and a 3-wheel scooter. Then Simon took him down to the beach for an early swim and to sail his toy boat - unfortunately he missed my parents while he was out. Eleanor and I stayed home and baked some chocolate cupcakes then collected him before Simon's sailing started. He's had lots of phonecalls and several cupcakes, and a few more presents this evening. Our house looks like a toystore after a cyclone; today's additions only made a small difference, as last night he decided to drag every toy in the house into our living areas, and most are still there - the lazy things we are!
(Admiring in the mirror)

At 3, James:
  • Sings *or talks)most of the day
  • Is quite sure of himself; "I'm ARE!"
  • Is devoted to Bec, with Ra a close second
  • Likes to choose and play with Mummy's 'teriool' (material) and has even sewn a few straight lines
  • Has to have one or two cold mouthfuls of his evening "milk in my fish cup" before it is warmed
  • Is very helpful and caring
  • Has learned to open the front door, uh oh!
  • Shares everything with Eleanor - except the toys!
  • Loves Bananas in Pyjamas, Thomas the 'Tankation' and duplo
  • Has a preference for pink and purple (and lipstick and tutus....!)
  • Is still free with his kisses and cuddles
  • Ensures Eleanor will learn to say 'thank you' sooner rather than later
  • Has to talk to anyone who phones our house
  • Is starting to have nightmares (the other morning while asleep in our bed: "No Eleanor, don't take my biscuit!!!")
  • Has to have everything 'just so', and heaven forbid we forget!
  • Wants to know WHY???
  • Has a memory like an elephant
  • Excuses any 'bad' behaviour from Eleanor because, "she doesn't understand Mummy"
  • Is a big boy at times, and a little boy at others
  • Loves his friends Ella and Rachel at child care
  • Sang Happy Birthday to himself about 5 times!

(He told me later, he'd wanted to be a pink butterfly...)


Kylie said...

Happy 3rd Birthday James - you make a great butterfly!

Cascade Lily said...

What a fab way to spend your 3rd b'day! That is one flash butterfly!

Romy says 'Thomas the Tangzhen' LOL

Ellie said...

Oh that last photo is just beautiful. What a sweet little soul.

Margeeth said...

He is really cute. The butterfly is really beautifull, your son will probably grow out of wanting pink eventually (my kids both had pink pyamas when they were James age, now they are eight and ten and don't want to have a thread of pink in their clothes).

Austy's Mum said...

Giggling at the pink preference - Austy came home as a pink cat from childcare the other day. Every time he gets his face painted, it's always a cat and they usually don't ask him the colour, because they know he'll pick PINK!

Happy 3rd birthday James!

How cute does he look asleep on the couch - must have been an exhausting day at the zoo...

Mothership said...

Oh Emma, I love that last photo!

Happy birthday, James. XXX