Monday, 2 November 2009

Big girl hair-do

Eleanor's hair is an awkward length; it just wants to fall in her eyes. So with the hot weather starting, I needed to come up with a way of keeping it out of her face and off her neck.
My attempts at a French braid were disastrous (mostly due to her hair being a bit short and fine, but not aided by either a patient customer or skillful hairdresser!) When it's a bit longer, I plan to take a leaf from Rachelle's blog.
So I resorted to using lot of hairties, whcih was easier (though still rather slow) and quite popular.
She really enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror afterwards. By using a wet brush, I managed to get it to stay reasonably neat all day!
And doesn't it make her look more like a big girl?! You should have seen her straight after this; we went shopping and she took teddy in her little 'pram'; she was quite the little madam pushing it around the department stores!


Mothership said...

Oh, she is DIVINE!

Gorgeous, Emma.

AJ said...

What a sweetie!! That't what having girls is for...hairdressing!