Monday, 23 November 2009

Second raffle quilt nearly done

I finally got Footsteps pieced and sandwiched. Here I was trying to find suitable threads for the quilting. I've used about half of this selection so far, and the top is about 2/3 quilted. The sun and sky are done.

And the water is almost complete.

Then there's just the beach area and the outer border to go. I've left the hardest until last - hardest because I can't decide how to quilt them! I suspect I'll go for the easy option of wavy lines in the sand. But the border is a challenge; not least because the yellow embroidery thread (which I used for the sun, would be really effective, and is the only decent match I have) keeps catching and breaking.

I'm hoping to have the quilts and everything ready to launch the raffle at our child care centre's Christmas function this Friday night. Tickets will be available from me.


grendelskin said...

SO pretty, can't wait for the final reveal! Any chance you'll take an international raffle entry?

Kylie said...

Gorgeous! I love the beach houses. Did you manage to track down any of the shell fabric I posted about? Am seriously thinking of going to get more for me if you want some.

Cascade Lily said...

I am lusting after your thread stash Emma!