Sunday, 1 November 2009

The reef

Because this quilt is going to be larger than the other beach quilts made in this way (Breakfast on the Beach and Seaside) I'm building this one up in rows about 40in long. I've completed the reef/underwater row, which when finished will be approximately 13in high. Now I'm working on the next two rows; one with broderie perse appliqued fish and the next plain water, which will probably end up with one or two appliqued features, such as a boat and a whale.

Double-click for a closer look
As is always the case, as soon as I see a photograph I find pieces I wish I'd done differently. Like that green seaweedy triangle on the bottom left. And it could have done with a more continuous rocky reef base.

And as is also always the case at the moment, as soon as I see a photo, I long for a new camera. I think any Etsy sales will go straight to the new camera fund!

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Kylie said...

I love these quilts of yours and love watching them come together. Looking forward to some more beachy, quilty eye candy!