Monday, 9 November 2009

Four in the Morning

This is the beautiful quilt AJ made me in the third annual EBDQS (Essential Baby Doll Quilt Swap):

I'm a bit slow to blog it because we've been so busy with James' birthday parties (photos to come later, maybe!) And I haven't taken it outside to photograph properly due to a hideous PRE-summer heatwave! A week of 35-plus weather (that's approaching the 100-mark in Fahrenheit) that I could really do without.

But I completely love this little quilt. AJ obviously took good note of my likes and dislikes. I especially love the blue fabric, which she says made her think of me as soon as she saw it. I even rememeber commenting about it on her blog!

She found a block called Four in the Night and adapted it, then called the quilt Four in the Morning - after my quilting habits!

And for the label, she used a photo of sunrise in Adelaide! I'm not usually awake to see it; I do get to bed a few hours before that!

This last photo is again under poor inside lighting, but shows the FMQing AJ did. This was her first time, and I think she did an amazing job!

AJ also popped some beads into the package, and I'll probably use them when I get back to making inchies. AJ was also the organiser of this round, so a hughe thank you on both counts!

My recipient was Ad, and while she was here a few weeks ago, I gave her her choice of a few quilts. She chose Nocturnal (which is why that one never appeared in my Etsy shop!) and took it home with her.

Head over to the EB Quilters' Flickr group to see the other little quilts in this swap, there's a lovely selection.


Annie of Blue Gables said...

Just beautiful. She did an amazing job, and it does fit you.
What talent

Kylie said...

That's gorgeous and, as you said, very you! Love that blue fabric.

Cascade Lily said...

AJ did a great job on all counts - her FMQ is fantastic!

AJ said...

Thanks Emma!! Glad you like it!