Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Quilting complete

After a great deal of frustration, including no less than 10 broken needles in under 24 hours, Footsteps is quilted.

Most of the problems occurred in the first half-metre of the outer border (above), which I started last night and spent literally hours on (and yet more agonizing over it!). I really don't know what was the problem, or why I had thread/needle issues. I don't know why it suddenly decided to start behaving, either, and the remaining 3.5 sides took under an hour. I rethreaded, cleaned, oiled, changed threads, changed feet, even left the machine over night. Then suddenly early this evening everything started going smoothly again.

I've decided I'm too tired to attach the binding tonight - mostly because I can't be bothered clearing the ironing board!

So here instead are some peeks at the quilt - mostly taken at an angle (to show the quilting) and inside, as it's 1am and there's not a ngreat deal of natural light to be found! I love the way the trees came out, both front and back:

I think I'm on track to have it all ready for Friday night. I've had a few requests for international ticket sales, and am in a quandry. Of course I want to sell as many as possible, but I know it would be very costly to mail overseas, and I don't know how to organise payment.


AJ said...

WOW Emma Looking good! The trees look like they are waving in the breeze!

The Humming Cat said...

It looks fantastic, and would look perfect in our beachside home, make all our swanky neighbours jealous!!

Austy's Mum said...

VERY drooooooolworthy!!

Cascade Lily said...

Wonderful quilting Emma - worth persevering!

Kylie said...

Looks great - as always. I admire the speed with which you turn out such quality work! Hoping to get to Cleveland today to pick up some more of the shell fabric, will let you know what I manage!