Sunday, 15 November 2009

How Aussie are you?

Found on Kylie's blog.

So, how Aussie are you??

1. Been dive bombed by a magpie? Yes
2. Have seen a crocodile? Yes
3. Have seen a snake in the wild? Yes
4. Been bitten by a snake or other aussie wildlife? Yes, a magpie!
5. Patted a koala? Plenty, including a wild one in our garden
6. Seen a kangaroo in the wild? Of course
7. Climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Only a tower
8. Climbed the Story Bridge in Brisbane? No
9. Visited the Sydney Opera House? Yes, but never been inside.
10. Swum at the beach? Yes
11. Had fish and chips on the beach? Yes
12. Been stung by a jellyfish? Yes - ironically while we lived in Canberra!
13. Had sunburn that peeled? Yes
14. Camped under the stars? Not a camper
15. Visited Uluru? No
16. Driven the Great Ocean Road in Victoria? No
17. Seen the penguins on Phillip Island Victoria? Not there, but on Granite Island in South Australia
18. Had an outdoor BBQ with Friends? Yes
19. Played backyard/beach Cricket? Both
20. Watched a real cricket match live? Several Adelaide Tests
21. Betted on the Melbourne Cup? Yes, and won a little
22. Attended the Melbourne Cup Live from Flemington? No
23. Attended a live Aussie Rules or rugby football game? Unfortunately!
24. Ridden a Melbourne Tram? Ages ago
25. Snow Skied in the “high country” of NSW/Vic? As often as possible!
26. Visited the Great Barrier Reef? No
27. Been to Kakadu? No
28. Crossed the Nullabour by road? Yes, it took forever!
29. Gone down the Murray River on a paddle steamer? A houseboat but not a paddlesteamer
30. Survived a cyclone? None in SA
31. Survived a bushfire? Yes, Caberra 2001 Firestorm
32. Experienced a big flood? Not in Australia
33. Know who the Wiggles are? Going to their concert again in a month
34. Know who Humphrey the Bear is? Yes
35. Watched Play School as a kid or mum of a kid ? Of course!
36. Watched Skippy the Bush Kangaroo? Not a whole episode
37. Own an Australia Flag? No
38. Know the words to Advance Australia Fair? Yes, all verses
39. Eat Vegemite? No way!
40. Drink Milo? Used to. Best straight from the tin!
41. Know what lamingtons are? Yes, Kytons are THE BEST!
42. Know what Pavlova is? Yes
43. Know what Tim Tams are? Yes
44.Eaten a meat pie? No
45. Gave or received a “dead arm”? Yes, received
46. Have owned an Akubra hat? Yes, have one
47. Own/owned an Australia Cattle dog? No
48. Been to a B& S ball - or know what one is? Know what it is, never been
49. Drive a ute? No thanks
50. Say G’day? Occasionally
51. Can cook damper? Did as a kid
52. Can make billy tea? Did as a kid
53. Supported a sausage sizzle? Yes
54. Own John Williamson CD/Music? Yes
55. Owned chooks or know what they are? Don't own any.
56. Call the toilet “the dunny”? Occasionally
57 . Wear thongs (on your feet…)? Occasionally
58. Support Aussie music? Absolutely! Grew up on Eric Bogle!
59. Enjoy a beer? Revolting stuff!
60.Swallowed a fly? Inhaled - ewwww!


Quiltification said...

This post made me laugh. I'm married to an Aussie but since he's forced me to attend cricket matches and learn Advance Australia Fair I may now score more than him on this quiz!

Kylie said...

Thanks for joining Emma - what fun!