Friday, 20 November 2009

Rolling along

Tonight I finally went to sew the sky of the beach quilt. I've been procrastinating for about a week. And guess what? I couldn't find my sky fabrics anywhere! All I know is that I got them out with the rest of the beachy fabrics when I started the quilt. So I spent the evening giving the study a much-needed once-over, and clearing the sewing table. I must have put over 100m of fabric away! And still no sky stash. Luckily I bought a couple of new sky prints at the Festival of Quilts a few weeks ago, so used one of those to piece the sun's rays, and at least have something to show at last!

I also bought a wooden seam roller at the quilt show, and instead of getting out the iron in this heat (still officially spring, today we reached 43C (about 110F); it was still over 40 at 7pm, and didn't drop below 30 properly until 5am the following morning) I used the roller to press each seam a I built the segments on their foundations. A very handy and effective simple tool.


Beena said...

Isn't that just the worst, when you put aside fabric for a project and then can't find it? This has happened to me, too, more than once. Grrrrrrrrr.

What you used does look lovely, though! Love those rays!

Kylie said...

Hope you find the sky stash. Love that roller thingy - may have to get one!