Saturday, 20 September 2008


On our way to the shops this afternoon, James announced he'd like a 'ballet', please? Having heard his comments about Lulu (from Bananas in Pyjamas) and Dorothy (the Dinosaur) wearing them in 2 of his favourite 'DVDVs', I knew he meant a tutu! A brief discussion followed, in which I told him that usually only girls wear tutus. He finished it off by saying, "But I'd LOVE a ballet please Mummy!"

So, I figured why not? He doesn't care, and he'll have plenty of fun, and later on, Eleanor will love it! Although, I did tell him he'd be mortified when he's older!!! First we had to go Bras'n'Things, to get some more lingerie bags, which I use to wash most items. The satiny items out the front had him asking loudly if he was getting his ballet here?! The girls in the shop were highly amused!

I'd seen no-sew tutus blogged, and knew exactly what I'd do, so we went to Lincraft and headed for the shimmery organza, where he announced he wanted pink. Of course! And sparkles? Naturally! There was only hot pink, so I found some white and pale mauve to tone it down a little, and he proudly carried has bag back to the car.
As I was cutting the fabric, he and Eleanor had a wonderful time playing with the other pieces. I'm tempted to go back for a bit more yardage, just for them to play with!
I ended up making one for Eleanor as well. I picked up a white feathery halo for her at the show for a photo session sometime, and the tutu will go perfectly!As I said to Simon while tieing the strips on - I never thought I'd be making a pink tutu for our son! And to top it off, after shopping, we visited a friend who happened to give me a lipstick. James asked for one too, and was obliged with a pale, shimmery lipgloss, which delighted him. I can't wait to see (and photograph) his reaction when he gets his ballet tomorrow morning!
Once the tutus were done, I spent ages playing with fabrics. I had the quilt all designed to match this one (this was for my cousin's first baby, and their second is due next week), and had even printed the foundations.
But making a circular rainbow with a smooth transition of colours is hard, especially when I had to have exactly 48 fabrics! It took a long time to get it up from 43 to complete the circle.
And finally, just for Helen, here is my new iron.
Look! Steam!!!


Cass said...

Emma a photo in the tutu at his 21st will embarrass him no end, unless of course he is a world famous ballet dancer by then!

Austy's Mum said...

Had to giggle - Austy is going through a similar phase atm - everything has to be PINK! And, well I think you know about the make-up incident. For now he gets away with lip gloss, hand cream and face moisturiser but that's as far as I'll let him go...

Luckily DH finally gave in and let him have his "baby" which I have dressed in boy clothes for him.

Love that quilt - can't wait to see what their new one looks like!

Jodes said...

Can't wait to the the pics of James in his ballet. I am sure he will make a most handsome ballerina. Are you going to make some wings too?

Ellie said...

Cooper went through a make up phase at around this age. Completely normal (as far as I am aware) he even had his own chapstick collection.

They both look rather cute in their matching tutu's.

Mothership said...

Finally, something I can actually make!!! I am Big Kev excited now Emma; I even understood your tutu recipe!

Yay, as soon as my little bird can stand up, I am off to scare the ladies at Spotlight. They shudder when they see me. :O

Mothership said...

And I just LOVE how stoked James looks! You're a rockin' Mummy!