Saturday, 20 September 2008

Tutu Tute

Think he likes it?! Unfortunately he found it for himself before I got up, so I didn't get to see his reaction, but I did hear it! He came running into the bedroom in glee, with it already on!

I did buy some extra white organza to make wings as well, but haven't thought about how I'll do that yet.

Once we were up, we had to replay the 'Lulu's Tutu' eposide of Bananas in Pyjamas about 4 times for him to dance along!
Here are my instructions for a tutu in about half an hour!

(measurements are in inches apart from the amount to buy - multiply by 2.54 to convert inches to centimetres)

I bought 1.5m each of 3 different coloured crystal organzas; this was just right for one each for James (nearly 3) and Eleanor (1). For a single 3yo tutu, I would guess about 3.5m total, and about 2 for a 1yo tutu.
***Crystal organza frays terribly! It looks great - until it frays!***

You will also need about 50cm of elastic about 1in wide, or a metre of wide ribbon.

Cut the organza in 3in strips. This is really fast with a rotary cutter, ruler and mat. I folded the organza in half so that the selvages were together, then in half again, then laid this out on the cutting mat (use a weight at the back to stop it sliding off). If you're not a quilter and don't have these tools, I would fold it in half again, and cut the strips using sharp scissors. It doesn't matter if the strips aren't perfect.

Each tutu has strips in 2 lengths - half each, so I could alternate. The fabric was 44in wide. The longer strips on James' are the full width (possibly a bit long on him, but easy to trim later if you want); on Eleanor's the longer ones are exactly half (22in). For the rest, I cut the strips at the 27in mark for James, leaving 17in for Eleanor's.

Now set up all your strips, and you're ready to start makiing the tutu. I tied one end of the elastic to the chair first (on my right).

Take the first strip, and hold the 2 ends roughly even in your left hand, leaving a loop big enough for your hand to move through. Put your right forefinger and thumb through the loop and open wide.

Stretch the finger and thumb out over and around the loop.

Bring the finger and thumb together underneath.

Let go of the tails with your left hand, and using your left forefinger, pull the top of the loop down.

You will now be able to put your right forefinger straight through the 'knot'.

Transfer the strip to your left hand, ready to load onto the elastic (or ribbon).

Try to ensure you have each knot facing the same way as you load them on, and don't pull them too tight.

Repeat this for all the strips; althernating colours (if you have more than one) and lengths.

Once they're all on, just tie a double-knot and tuck the loose ends into the closest strip knots. Even out the strips around the skirt, and you're done!

Photos of the completed items in yesterday's blog.

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Gina said...

THey look gorgeous in the tutus.

Love and hugs Gina xxx