Friday, 19 September 2008


More fabric on the doorstep when I arrived home today! But with the Aussie dollar dropping against the US$, I'll wait a while before I do any more big overseas orders. I have, however, just made my first purchase from The Humming Mini, and ordered a stack of brilliantly-priced of white-on-whites and neutral from a local online shop.

But back to today's incoming fabric. Stash = 887m. First, a random selection:
A few more beachy fabrics, as my sister-in-law is expecting her second baby, and I'll be making it a quilt to go with Beach (their wedding quilt) and Seaside (their daughter's quilt). I'll wait until I know what they're having before I start designing, but thought these might come in handy!

And 4y of this large-scale print (the photo shows about 20in wide) use with a couple of my recent book purchases; this below and it's sequel (blogged here):

I've also attached the binding to Change of Seasons. It just needs hand-stitching to the back, and then I have to wait for the baby to arrive so I can do the label and send it on its long journey!

I'm enjoying having a steam iron again - I'd forgotten just how much faster it is! Our old iron stopped steaming (well, when it did steam, it tripped the safety-switch!) years ago, but we never bothered to replace it, until a couple of weeks ago the soleplate came loose. Within an hour we had a new iron - why did we wait so long?! This binding was pressed in no time!


Cylie said...

Love those blacks and whites! The stripey binding is also fantastic, can't wait to see what you do with it.

Helen said...

Stripey binding looks good Em! I want to see a pict of the new sexy iron!

Belinda said...

Lovely fabric, I especially like the blacks you have.