Monday, 22 September 2008

No Pot of Gold

You won't find a pot of gold at this rainbow's end, because it doesn't have one! But I liked it so much, I couldn't bring myself to give it away, so I'm finishing it for myself!
As blogged the other day, I designed it for a second baby, to match the one I made for the first. I spent ages doodling with curvy lines before hitting in the circle idea, which I instantly liked. The centre black circle is 12in diameter adn the whole circle is 24in. Unfortunately it meant applique, but I'm doing more of that these days - and getting better and faster at it! And now I've had to deisgn another, which I need to get to work on!
I started the applique last night, using tiny blanket stitches with invisible filament on the machine. About 1/8 of the way around, I decided it was the wrong method, and spent ages unpicking before starting the tedious blind hand-applique. That might be where my attachment formed! Here it is all pinned to applique; I thought the pins gave it a fireworks-effect!
I used the same beautiful multicoloured variegated thread I used in the last quilt; not quite as effective on black as white, but still pretty good. I started the radiating lines freehand, until Simon asked if they were meant to curve? Oops! So I started marking a few guides to keep me straight!
The centre needed quilting, but I didn't want to detract from the rainbow, so put black thread on the spool, and did a small stipple a la Helen. As you can see, I left the rainbow thread in the bobbin; it took a while to get a tension I was happy with where the colour wouldn't show through the front and I didn't get too much black on the back. I like this, though it didn't come up well in the photos:

Now, on to the next design!


Kayscha's Quilting Corner said...

Stunning Emma, no wonder you want to hang onto it. You are so clever!!!

Helen said...

Wow Em! Looks stunning! I have seen it done in white on flickr but the black makes the colours intense, the stippling sets it off perfectly! Well done, are you going to hang it?

Gina said...

It's stunning. Can I pinch the idea to do a quilt some time in the future please.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

doritofeet said...

If I knew how to sew so intrically like you, I would totally try this piece for my own. Very creative. Thank you for sharing with us!