Wednesday, 24 September 2008

New beginnings

This morning, around the time I was at the quilt shop buying more fabric to restart his new quilt, my cousin's baby boy made his appearance! So now I need to hurry up and finish it, so Gran can take it with her when she goes to visit in the next few weeks. One of these 8in blocks will form the centre of each of the four swirls. The rest is cut, and I've removed the foundations from these; now to add the black background.
I swear I only went for more black, and a blue to fill a gap (the spot in the top row), but somehow I ended up with 5 metres for my stash quite apart from those and the perfect binding fabric (top left; to be cut vertically)!
Eleanor had a wonderful time giggling as she ran around the shop, taking particular delight in pushing over any bolts of fabric not tightly in shelves, one at a time, and listening to the satisfying 'thud'. James was entertained by Chris, looking at photos of his farm on the computer.


Ellie said...

LOL that you 'had' to visit the quilt shop with your km's of fabric at home.

Cylie said...

Oooh, love that one on the bottom at the right!