Thursday, 25 September 2008

There went 900

This morning a package of whites and neutrals arrived on my doorstep, taking my stash to 909m! There were really well-priced, and I find myself often wanting larger amounts of basics, so stocked-up from a local online supplier for a change!
Late this afternoon I took a couple of quilts outside to photograph. I got some decent shots, but am hoping our wisteria will be out in full bloom to get some more of one before I send it off, and the other needs to be photographed flat on the floor, from directly above to get a nice overall photo - I just need to work out how to get high enough to get a shot straight down and square over the large top. I did get this nice one of a dandelion though!
And here are some early spring flowers I brought back inside with me.
And here is a completed whirl block.
I just need to put the 4 together with some black sashing, add a black border, and the top is done. Nice and simple.

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Helen said...

909 Emma! Where do you keep it all girl???! Loving the rainbow colours in this whirly block too. :)