Sunday, 14 September 2008


We spent a lot of today outside enjoying the warm spring weather. Despite complete neglect, many of my favourite dutch irises are blooming anyway!
Unfortunately it wasn't all fun. This last one may not survive another year, after being in the Dingo's firing line. The water pipes to our house need replacing (we've had several leaks), and the large front garden was the main cause of the $3000 quote we had to fix them. So Simon and his father hired a Dingo with a trench-digger, and are doing it themselves. James spent most of the day helping.
Eleanor helped too (Good work chopping my head off, Simon! Yes, I had a go too; it came back pretty easily, although it's years since I operated a tractor with a scoop)......joined in some of the 'grotting'...
...and helped me with the washing and in the back garden.
Clancy joined us in the garden, too. His skills weren't tested tonight, as James was so exhausted from his gardening and no nap, that he fell asleep on the sofa before dinner! However, when he woke a short while ago for some supper, he wanted Clancy along with Bec and Ra.

Here's what our driveway looked like late this afternoon, after most of the back-filling was done:

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Helen said...

I want to ride on that dingo too! Looks like fun!