Monday, 2 July 2012

Tour de Fibre - Fabric selection, cutting & backache

I managed the sleep-in I needed this morning, then while James and Eleanor had a nap after their ride, I pieced the 12 foundations I'd prepared last night.

Because I pin each piece in place as I cut it, when it comes to sewing, I need to fold and pin back the surrounding pieces. I'd never remember where they went without keeping them pinned in place!

The reef is fully pieced, and now I'm working on the open water, moving up towards the beach.

Progress is slow tonight though, as my back is objecting to the amount of time bent over the cutting table. It's not so much the cutting itself, but sifting through the fabrics to find just the right one for each spot which takes the time. So far the water is about two-thirds prepared - the photos were taken earlier in the evening when I'd just spread out the water prints, before they got in a big mess.

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CindyC.wannabequilter said...

Do you have IKEA in your area? I purchased a table top and some adjustable legs for my cutting table and I love it because it is as high as a kitchen counter top. No more breaking back from bending over! I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy seeing the beautiful piecing and quilting that you show us on your blog! Thanks so much for sharing!