Thursday, 5 July 2012

Tour de Fibre - beach

I completed piecing the beach section of the quilt tonight. I really like the addition of the water birds and the second footprints fabric, which has child's footsteps alongside an adult's.

(double-click on the photos the see them larger)

The lefthand side is shown above, and the righthand side is below. The red chair with the green umbrella is in the middle, but appears in both photos.

The umbrellas are temporarily positioned; I'm not sure they're quite right yet and will play with positioning tomorrow. I also need to check with the person who's commissioned the quilt whether they are ok before I continue. I'll applique them before joining the water to the beach - but in the meantime I need to piece the sun and the rest of the sky.


Hanne said...

This is looking so good :-)

Houseelf said...

The birds, footprints and sand dunes all look gorgeous together. After talking to you about beach fabric yesterday, I found myself using one of the beach hut fabrics on the Welcome to the North Pole quilt I am bonding. LOL

I am excited to see how the whole quilt looks together.

Frances Arnold said...

And I thought that you had wonderful water fabric!!! Your beach fabric is so much fun and adds great interest to this quilt!!!!

Andee said...

LOVE watching these

Andee said...

lol sorry pushed publish too watching these quilts come together...I need to find a class or simple is on my list!