Sunday, 1 July 2012

Tour de Fibre - day 1

After my shocking blogging record in June, I've decided to embrace the idea of blogging every day during the Tour de France. Though I don't like riding myself, Simon, James and Eleanor are right into it. Simon has 3 bikes (apparently they're for different things, but really???), James had a far fancier bike than any 6-year-old ought (though admittedly, it gets an awful lot of use) and as of her birthday next week, Eleanor will have one the same. Simon will get up super-early at the weekend and go for a 100km+ ride, and James goes on 40km rides with him - or like today, up and down mountain-bike tracks. Eleanor likes to go too, but hasn't the stamina quite yet - and her normal child's bike doesn't quite cut it (even I admit they need extra gears riding around the hills where we live!).

I do quite enjoy watching the Tour de France though, and of course, I quilt while I do so. My aim is to bog before I go to bed each night of the tour (it's shown live here, between about 10pm and 2am.. It's likely that it will often, like today, be in the early hours (it's 4.30am!)

(some of the fabrics out for possible selection;
lots have already been refolded and put away once finished with)

I spent last night drawing out the full-size plan for a large commissioned beach scene quilt. Because of the size, once I'd joined the huge sheets to paper, I stuck them on the largest clear section of wall to draw out the design and mark out the foundation sections. It turned out that was in our hallway, so that's where I spent half the evening! The rest was spent transferring the shapes to the interfacing I use as a foundation. Today I started fabric selection - working, as usual, form the reef, up. I stopped because I ran out of pins! - each piece is pinned in position to its foundation once cut (and because it's 4.30!) This quilt is quite a bit wider than others I've done, so I ran out earlier in the process. Tomorrow I'll piece the first few foundations to free up some pins!

Now, I'm off to bed. I'm hoping for a sleep-in while Simon takes James and Eleanor for their planned ride in the morning. If Simon's a bit tired after staying up late (for him!) watching the Tour, I'm sure James and Eleanor will quietly and happily watch the prologue which Simon recorded for them on request! PS - Go Cadel! Link to more Tour de Fibre participants here.


Pip said...

These late nights viewing the Tour definitely make for good stitching time. If Simon has three bikes does that mean you can have three sewing machines? After the Tour is the Olympics so I can see a fair bit of stitching happening over the next month or so :)

Hanne said...

I am happy you have joined us in the Tour de Fibre :-)

WOW - that is a lot of cutting going on. I am looking forward to follow your progress!

I am adding your blog to my sidebar right now, together with other lovely Tour de Fibre ladies :-)

quiltygal said...

I have joined in the Tour but I am actually watching Wimbledon !! :) I can only stay up late when I have a day off the next day.....your project looks interesting will be popping in to check on it's progress

Karen said...

Oh my goodness - that's a lot of choices!! Can't wait to see this one grow.l