Friday, 13 July 2012

Tour de Fibre - Eleanor piecing

Yesterday and today James and Eleanor have been working on their quilts. It's pretty much a full-time job keeping them both going!

Eleanor is doing a good job of pinning, especially if I put one pin in first to hold them (yes, I see the irony of pinning for the pinning, especially for pieces I wouldn't pin at all myself!).

I sit on a small chair directly behind hers as she sews (on my old machine, of course); I mostly guide the fabric, but she helps. She's already got the hang of raising and lowering the presser-foot, aligning the pieces and removing the pins (mostly before we get to them!).

James is more independent, but needs assistance with pressing (most of which consists of me saying, "Support the weight of the iron.", "Put it [the iron] flat." and, "MIND MY FINGERS!!!!!" He can sew a 1/4in seam fairly consistently (with a few reminder to slow down, even though I switch the machine to slow mode for him) and is pretty good at pairing and pinning if the pieces are laid out in position.


Frances Moore said...

She looks so cute and very confident.

LynCC said...

Awww Soo cute! It's fabulous that you're having both of them work on a quilt. Love that concentration on her face. :)

Linda said...

TWO little quilters! My. You're a patient mummy. How fun for all of you.