Monday, 9 July 2012

Tour de Fibre - Quilting the beach

Last night I started quilting the beach quilt. I started by quilting in the ditch where the sky and the beach join the beach section - the only part  that's not free-motion. Then I quilted wavy lines along the sand, following the texture of the prints when I could, and echoing the appliques and feature prints (the big birds, the flippers and the deck chairs) as I got to them. These were all quilted in sand-coloured BottomLine.

Next up I quilted in the ditch around the sun (yes, free-motion), then quilted the flame-like pattern around the sun, also in the sand-coloured BottomLine. then I swapped to pale blue BottomLine and quilted he cloudy pattern through the blur part of the sky. Still with the pale blue, I quilted wavy back and forth lines in the top part of the water. Then I swapped to a light aqua and slowly transitioned to a more swirly pattern as I moved down the quilt. There's a bit more of that to do, then I'll move to a dark aqua and the quilting will get swirlier, but before that I'll use a multicoloured Rainbows thread to quilt the reef and add seaweed etc. - then I'll know what to quilt around in the lower section of water.


May Britt said...

Beautiful quilt.

Hanne said...

I am looking forward to see more of this quilt :-)

Joan said...

Emma - that is so beautiful - I love how you are quilting it ...Looking forward to seeing more.