Sunday, 9 November 2008

James' Birthday Party

The coveted pink (and purple) butterfly. Think he liked it?! Eleanor spotting me in the mirror:
And admiring her fairy flowers:
James and his best friend from child care:
One pink butterfly cake as requested!
Enjoying a mini-cupcake:
An exhausted butterfly:
Playing with one of his new toys - a play-doh set with pink and purple play-doh!
My favourite (and I think his, too) of all his presents - a beautiful hand-made pieced, embroidered and quilted cushion from Austy, made by his generous, talented and sleep-deprived mother Joy.
Ooops! I forgot all about my shoulders until we got home! They're practically glowing!
I had my face painted too - more photos once I collect them from the other cameras; my photograph taking was somewhat sporadic!

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Cascade Lily said...

Oooh the cake! THe butterflies! Eleanor's flower face! And your pink shoulders. Yeeouch!

so glad he had a great birthday.