Sunday, 23 November 2008

Sunday Stash #8 - Incoming

Since I didn't get around to blogging them during the week, this week's Sunday Stash is all the fabric which arrived here this week!

These first 2 arrived on a day when I was all set to do a stash-reduction post, saving me the distress! A beautiful snowflake print from Sandi, my EBDQS recipient, and some stripes Leah kindly picked up for me at her LQS, as I'm right into striped bindings at the moment.
More stripes from my LQS - I only went for batting, honestly!
Some Panda coordinates...
More for a special project I'm still designing:
Collecting b&w positives and negatives:
A snuggly flannel:
And some general stash enhancement with some thread to go with the turquoises.

Stash = 969m

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Cascade Lily said...

I am waiting for you to crack that 1km mark :)