Saturday, 8 November 2008

2008 Adelaide Quilt Show

The Quilt Show is on this weekend, and yesterday I went alone. I thought about going with Joy or Gran, but in the end, Mummy offered to look after James and Eleanor while I went, and in return I was as quick as possible, and came home to spend the afternoon with Grandma, who's still recuperating with my parents, and Mummy went out do do a few things herself.
I actually really enjoyed doing it alone. I'm impatient, and this way I only looked at what I wanted! I had a good browse through all the stalls (well, the quilt-related ones, anyway), and a thorough look through the quilts, and was back in time for a late lunch.
I did take photos of some of the quilts, but we're not allowed to put them on the internet. My favourite was an A3 portrait of the maker's Pyrenean Mountian Dog. Its lifelike features attracted me, and on reading the guide, I discovered that she'd collected the dog's own copious hair, and felted it to include in the quilt, so the colour was completely accurate. What a wonderful, novel idea. Watch out Shadow and Cocoa!!! I finally joine the guild a couple of months ago, so will aim to enter a quilt next year.
My first purchases were a couple of charm packs from Rosemont, a store I frequented during our years in Canberra. Here's a sample from the beautiful Pompeii range:
And some of the gold-highlighted hand-dyes:
Then I succumbed to some Swarovski crystals, and was talked into a special applicator. I just know Simon will call it a Bedazzler, like those tacky items sold in TV infomercials 15-20 years ago! I'm starting to get more adventurous with my quilts, especially making wallhangings which won't get such rough treatment, and the effect of the crystals on 'Believe', made for me by Margaret, really has me inspired. The bejeweller came with 200 plain crystals in 2 sizes, and I got a selection of other soft colours, too. (Half of the crystals are upside down in the handy dispensing container - they're not all grey!)
Next - and still in my first aisle, and a little concerned about what else I may find; I picked up these lovely metallic, starry FQs, and another potential snowflake fabric:
Then these baragin FQs:
And a few odds and ends - more printable fabric (I checked the quality of printed photos first, and it's lovely), some snowflake buttons, and some neutral beading thread from Lisa Walton's stall. I later saw some examples of photos printed on the Matilda's Own fabric sheets, and was impressed with those, too; I know one of my nearby quilt shops sells them, so may try them next time.

Stash = 949m.


Gina said...

I love the fabrics you bought. The gold printed ones are gorgeous.

I like going to shows on my own aswell. That way I can spend as much time as I want in front of each quilt.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Cascade Lily said...

A very productive morning! Will be interested to see what you do with your 'bedazzler'! LOL