Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sunday Stash #7 and the vet

This stunning pair of fabrics are from Kaufmann. I have several metres of each. I bought them to cut up for kaleidoscopes, but they're almost too nice to cut!
And as an aside, this post has been delayed, because at midnight I was on the phone to the vet! Cocoa has been limping this evening, then when I picked him up for a cuddle, found and removed somethng suspiciously like a tick from his ear. Not a good combination - and at midnight of course! Luckily, the emergency vet assures me unless he's been to Queensland or in recent contact with a dog who has been (both highly improbable), it's not a paralysis tick, so I can relax - and not rush out to the vet's and pay a fortune for the privilege! As for the limp; he does it on occasion, and it's likely to be fine by morning meanwhile, he's enjoying extra snuggles as I type!

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