Thursday, 20 November 2008

Sue's Quilt - in search of a better name

Here is my latest quilt; using Bento Box blocks. I finished it 2 nights ago, and spent ages yesterday doodling quilting designs. I wanted an allover, and eventually came up with a vine with heart-shaped leaves. I'm sure it's not original, but never mind.
The best thing about this design is that it's a pantograph, which means apart from the few thread breakages (remarkably few, only 5) there were no thread ends to finish-off, because all the quilting starts and stops off the edge of the quilt; one row at a time.
I even kept track of the amount of thread left in the bobbin so it didn't run-out mid-line. I was left with 4 bobbins each with a short length, but used them up stay-stitching the endges before attaching the binding. I'm now hand-stitching the binding down on the back, and pondering a suitable name so I can print out the label. Any brilliant ideas? It's for Sue, who has been one of James' and Eleanor's wonderful carers for 2 years, and who has recently moved. Luckily she's coming back for their Christmas party next Friday, so I can give it to her then - if I come up with a name in time!


Helen said...

I like the name Sue's Quilt! Great quilting Emma, even better only 5 threads to sew in! Yahhh!

Miaou said...

How about "pathways of love"? Because she looked after your children, and took them down the pathways of their young lives, and cared for them with love; and this is echoed in the path-like design of the quilt and the heart-shaped leaves.

Beautiful design and I love the colours!