Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Our computer completely crashed yesterday. I had an IT expert here for close to 5 hours today (lucky it was a flat-rate!) and he has managed to get it going again, make a few improvements (hopefully Explorer won't crash so frequently), and restore our emails, files and, most importantly, photos (although most of those are backed up on our external HD).

But all my internet favourites were lost, and I'm trying to remember and find them. At least with bloglines I still have all my blogs to read! And all my email contacts have gone, so if you think I had your email address, please email me (rather than comment here) so I can have you back in my contacts list.

I'm feeling a little lost; settings have changes, files have moved, and it's not quite what I was used to. Oh, and although I did lots of sewing last night while I couldn't use the computer, I stepped on and was stung by a European Wasp this morning - and it's the all-important sewing-machine-pedal foot! So I'll give sewing a rest tonight while I find websites and adjust settings.

Usual blogging to return soon.

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Exuberant Color said...

My right foot was starting to bother me and I started using my left foot on the foot pedal. Now it is just automatic for the left foot to run it. I can't switch to my left hand for anything though.