Thursday, 26 March 2009

Seaside 2 progress

I've been building my next seaside quilt from the bottom up. Click to see a larger view. Each section is divided into planned segments to free-foundation-piece, then the whole thing gets foundation-pieced. Taking a photo is a good way to assess it, and I can see I want to go back and change a few pieces before I continue (the bubbles and the two pieces with fish on a pale background towards the top). I'm a but stuck how I'm going to to transition from the water to the beach. I have a fabulous waves-on-the-beach print but it's much greener, and not wide enough. I might just piece it, then join it applique-style over the edge of the sand with a curved edge, then FMQ to blend it. As you can see, I've done the setting sun (which will go above the beach) but am not sure how, with what fabric I have, to achieve the evening sky I had planned.

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Margaret aka Supermom said...

Maybe just do a portion of land protruding from either of the sides, as though only a peninsula is there.