Monday, 30 March 2009

Seaside Swap

Not a lot of sewing has been happening. Since the computer crash I have wasted many valuable quilting hours searching for my EQ5 disc to reinstall it, to no avail. I'm about to give up in frustration; I've practically turned the study upside down - although a nice side-effect is that the room is rather tidier than it was!

And today I swapped the seaside quilt for the real seaside. Simon's parents had a house at Goolwa (only about an hour south) for the weekend, and we joined them for lunch, cockling, and dinner.
James was right into collecting the cockles.
But Eleanor wasn't keen on the water coming and going, and played in the sand.
She did eventually gain some courage, but got bogged!
Since I was behind the camera the whole time, this is about as close you'll get to a shot of me:
I tried to get a photo of all our feet, but James was distracted by something!

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