Wednesday, 25 March 2009

DQS6 start

This is the palette for my DQS6 quilt.

I've made the quilt base; a lattice effect using Sandi Henderson's gorgeous Farmers' Market fabrics, and the pink/red print (from the same range) is just placed behind to show how it will work as the binding. I still have some applique to add, but am stuck on what colour to use for part of it, and as drawing isn't in my skill-set, I need to find a suitable image to trace.


Austy's Mum said...

Gorgeous! I love that aqua cherries print - I have some sitting here for a Maddy dress but I am thinking of hanging onto it now the wheather has cooled off, and saving it for a first birthday dress instead. I did the same as you with my DQS top tonight and laid it over the binding fabric to check it out, but I got a tad excited and put the backing fabric behind it and flipped over a corner to test the backing, binding, quilt top combo. Told you I got carried away!

For applique, I think you should use some of that deep raspberry in the binding as it will really tie the binding in with the rest of the quilt. Not that I have any idea what you are qppliqueing but anyhoo...

Margaret aka Supermom said...

This would look spectacular in my daughter's room (she has aqua cherries in her quilt that is still in progress)!!! As for the applique, my vote is a deep teal. I think going too raspberry will make it overly bright. What is the applique?