Sunday, 8 March 2009


I have my sewing machine back. It's running so smoothly, it's almost purring, and confirms just how overdue the service was. Heinz said it was remarkably clean given the amount of sewing it does, although there was a lot of dust and fluff right up inside where I couldn't reach.
Jess will be pleased to see these blocks for the quilt I'm making for her daughter.
Don't be concerned about the colours; the flash washed them out a little.
I should be working on the Rockets quilt, but had cut this out, and the piles of pieces were spread all over my sewing table, which I'll need clear to sandwich the rockets.
So I've pieced all 25 blocks, and will now put them aside to get the rockets done next.
It's so good to be sewing again.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get a mosaic of some of my favourite quilts for my DQS6 partner, and will provide a bit more information about my likes and dislikes to help my partner.

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Jess said...

Ooh very exciting Emma, they look great. I love the colours.