Friday, 6 March 2009


I spotted this on a few blogs, and spent far too long doing my own. Just google "Unfortunately yourname" and see what appears!

Unfortunately, Emma is nothing if not brilliantly inconsistent.

Unfortunately, Emma has not always fully appreciated his expression of that friendship. (Referring to Jane Austen’s novel)

Unfortunately, Emma failed near Crovan's Gate and so James pulled them back home.
(From Thomas the Tank Engine!)

Unfortunately, Emma is a rather costly option for most of us.
(Simon might agree!)

Unfortunately, Emma thinks Santa didn't put quite enough stuff in her stocking

Unfortunately, Emma is totally honest.

Unfortunately, Emma guards secrets that threaten her chances for forever.

Unfortunately, Emma's estimation of her own ability is far beyond reality.
(Oh, dear!)

Unfortunately, Emma has so entangled herself in the web of her matchmaking that her realization might have come too late.

Unfortunately, Emma's methodology for problem-solving generally involves forgery.

Unfortunately, Emma is NOT going to be the face of Chanel's perfume.
(Who would’ve thought?!)

Unfortunately Emma does not nap everyday anymore.
(Most unfortunate!)

Unfortunately, Emma and her husband are forced to file bankruptcy
(I didn’t think I spent that much on fabric!!!)

Unfortunately, Emma was positive for heartworms.
(and elsewhere was due to be spayed!)

Unfortunately, Emma appears to be brazen opportunist.

Unfortunately, Emma has had a baby out of wedlock.

Unfortunately Emma died in 1883.
(Well, that’s it, then!)

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