Monday, 30 March 2009

Vintagey (?) giveaway

My aunt recently passed on some items from when she used to sew that she'll never use again. Since they're not quilt-related, I'm never going to use them either. So comment and let me know if you're interested in the books, the patterns or the fabric and notions (or all!) and I'll pop them in the post. Sorry, but Australian residents only, unless you want to pay postage.

Click on an image for more detail.

The fabric includes poly-cotton, rib knit in various colours, and some other pieces, most of substantial size. There's also a selection of bias tape, elastic, chalk, press-studs and a self-covering button kit.
The patterns all appear complete:
The Sew for Baby book on the left has the patterns in the back:


MoederKip said...

Oh goodness ... I'd really love those books, fabric, and notions if you're sure you won't use, and if still available!
Very nice of you to give away.
I can send you a prepaid satchel for posting if you let me know the size.

little possum designs said...

If your sharing it around I would love the 2 books and a bit of the rib-knit??? Am happy to send a satchel or swap you something from my stash for them.

Brissmiths said...

If you are splitting, I'd love the baby book (our baby is due in August), the boys tracksuit pattern and some of the rib knit, elastic and button covering kit. Like the others, I can send you a satchel or do a swap. I have a nice girls pattern (about aged 4) with smocking if you are game! Or some country quilting magazines which aren't any use to me really because I don't quilt. So generous of you to give away.

Becky said...

I would love the fabric and notions! Also happy to send you a prepaid satchel to cover postage.

Happy quilting!

Helen said...

I DO NOT want any of this Em, but had to comment, the pattern with the guy in the cow boy shirt? Yeh Harrrrr! LOL Classic!

Sue said...

what a lovely giveaway.
I would love the book - "Its easy to sew knit & stretch fabrics" {yeah right, not the way I am trying to do it *lol* )
thanks :)