Wednesday, 25 March 2009


This is how the study looks these days! I've been so busy sewing, I haven't had the chance to sort everything away again. The ironing board is usually in the living room, but I brought it in for something where I needed to press frequently and keep things in exactly the right position and orientation. And then James and Eleanor keep bringing toys in - and leaving them!
This was my sewing table later last night; seaside fabrics pulled out for my new quilt. I got them all out and separated them into piles for different sections of the quilt.
But each piece needs to be 'auditioned' individually, and fussy-cut, so the whole piece of fabric gets tossed open, and there's no point folding it until I'm sure I wont be using it again. What a glorious mess!
In the foreground is one of the sections I'm foundation-piecing. I've now done about half of the water section, but that still leaves the beach and the evening sky with a setting sun to go.


The Humming Cat said...

OMG, I love it! Such a creative mess, and I bet you know where everything is!!

AJ said...

LOVE the mess!! It looks many colours!!

Helen said...

Wow Emma! Colourful space! I have always wondered where you sew, now I know!