Monday, 4 October 2010

AMQF Day 2

Today was my second day at AMQF, and I attended a 2-hour lecture/demo with Kim Brunner on Twirly Whirly Feathers. It wasn't as twirly-whirly as I'd expected, but was excellent anyway, and she was a really interesting presenter. There were some terrific design ideas, as well and feathering tips and techniques. I love the idea below:

I took loads of notes and photos (not great quality, they were of an image projected onto a screen), and can't wait to start quilting feathers again! A large part of the class consists of Kim demonstaring drawing certain feathers, then us drawing along with her in our workbooks, which was really beneficial. I was really pleased to see the example shown below because it is quilted quite similarly to one I've done recently

AMQF will be on again in Adelaide the same weekend in 2012, but at a different (larger) location. I helped out for a while this afternoon - filling time between my last class and helping pack up, so I could bring my quilts home rather than have them posted. In that time, I heard that the new location has been chosen, and it's further south (this year it was right out the far north side of the city, so I'm guessing it will be closer to the city centre) but the organisers won't reveal just where yet.


The Humming Cat said...

Shall I book my accomodation now?

Vicki W said...

Oh you lucky girl! Kimmy is a lovely person and, I hear, an outstanding teacher.