Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Native Wildlife

This weekend Simon's work had a family day at Cleland; a local wildlife park with Australian animals. There was facepainting as usual:

Also included was a wildlife demonstration, and James and his friend got to touch or hold quite a few creatures (while Eleanor had a nap). Unfortunately my photos are limited, as I forgot to bring my spare battery, but they also patted a bearded dragon.

A gorgeous Dingo.

A native python of some sort; James was very brave and totally fascinated, but did get a bit scared for a minute - though he didn't let go or make a fuss.

They were also both ridiculously excited about patting the koalas, given they both get to see and touch these in their own gardens!


Joan said...

Fantastic photos and it looks like they had fun too :)

Teodo said...

Amazing these photos.
ciao ciao

Miss Nancy said...

What a great family day. Thank you for sharing your pictures.

Have a super great day.