Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Beach Pattern - Coming Soon!

I have been putting the final touches on my Beach Quilt Patterns today, and hope to have them in my Etsy Shop by the end of the week. I'll get the hard-copies of the pattern sheets printed on Friday (I did a test-run this afternoon) and am just waiting on the cellophane envelopes.

The Beach Quilt Pattern will be available in both hard-copy and PDF format. The hard copy contains full instructions including diagrams and three full-size A1 pattern sheets. The PDF pattern will contain files for the pattern sheets, and the comprehensive instructions file contains nearly 80 photos in addition to the diagrams.

The instructions cover both the design and construction processes.

I will make a package available of both versions to be used together, for people who want the hard copy of the pattern sheets as well as the step-by step photographs.

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Joan said...

Emma - that is georgeous. I look forward to seeing this on your Etsy shop. Its such a beautiful quilt and I can imagine the work that has gone into the pattern