Saturday, 2 October 2010

Early Morning Swim

I think this will be the name of my new quilt.

Last night I completed the water sectiont; I'm really pleased with it. I may add one or two appliques to the upper section of the water later.

Tonight I prepared the next bit for foundation-piecing. I use interfacing for the water foundations because it's large, cheap and translucent, but it's not stable enough to cope with the fine points I'm piecing here, so I've reverted to commercial foundation sheets. Carol Doak's are my favourites, as they're cheap and fairly easy to remove, and print well. I would love it if they came in A3 size though - and my next printer will be A3, purely for quilting purposes! Any foundation is hard to remove from such narrow points, which is why I have water-soluble sheets for some projects, but with only a few, I don't mind the fiddly work on these.


heather said...

Very nice.

Happy Blogtoberfest!

Quiltbenaco said...

Sì puoi proprio essere soddisfatta:
è stupendo

Leah said...

It's looking great Emma :)

Vic said...

Whoa - super bright & cheerful!

Happy Blogtoberfest!!!

Luvvie said...

This quilt is just stunning ! Go you! And I adore the keeper of the stash - great photo :)

Joan said...

The quilt looks beautiful Emma :)