Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Quilting trigonometry - the easy option

Had I known how useful trigonometry would be to my quilting, I might have paid more attention to sine, cosine and tan(gent) in year 12 maths! I use Pythagoras' theorum for right-angle triangles a lot, but have relied upon my father for precise calculations of other triangle meaurements for years; knowing I had enough information to calcuate what I wanted, but unsure exactly how to do so.

(tonight's first sketches)

But wanting to know something at 2am, I didn't think he'd appreciate a call, and I had a brainwave; I googled 'triangle calculations', and found some websites. There are several, but this is the one I used; just enter three figures (including at least one side length) and it will work out the rest for you!

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