Saturday, 9 October 2010

Cut & Paste

Yes - more drawings...

I've been working on my quilt design again - still no actual quilting! I'm working on a full-size pattern, although apart from the centre, I'm only doing just over one quadrant. It's awkward enough to handle as it is.

All of the components are hand-drawn and designed by me. After drawing them I'm speeding up the process, and keeping consistency, by scanning the drawings so I can adjust the sizes and print as many as I need - which is where the cutting and pasting comes in.

I'm planning to make this a black wholecloth, and am looking for a top-quality black cotton that's about 2m (2 1/4y) wide - any suggestions? Emma Louise would be perfect if it came that wide. I'd like a really fine-weave quilters' cotton.


Bec Clarke said...

WOW that looks amazing, very clever to scan it into the computer. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Joan said...

That looks amazing - I would love to know exaclty how you are going about it??